Tours from Minsk - Zhirovichi Monastery

Zhirovichi Monastery and Synkovichy village, tour from Minsk

 zirovivhy.jpgBefore to come to this magical place on the way you will admire wonderful panoramic views of Belarusian landscapes, from very far you will notice a big monastery kompleks with doms and white-blue buildings.

In Zhirovichi there is a temple complex, which is dated back to the beginning of the 17th century. It includes: Cathedral church of the Assumption, the church of St. Nicholas and Holy Cross Church. The monastery was built on the plave where the miraculous icon of our Lady appeared. It happened at 15th c. This beautiful legend about appearance you will know during the tour.

In the Holy Dormition Cathedral you will be able to see this invaluable rarity of the monastery - the icon of the Mother of God of Zhirovichy. The icon is well respected by Orthodox, Uniates and Catholics. This image is perceived today as a call for unity people separated by different confessions. On the territory of the monastery is located a Seminary.

After the tour you will visit a source with running water. You also will have an opportunity to swim in the water like many beliviers who come here.

Synkovichy.jpgTransfer to Synkovichy.

In Synkoviczy you can see the priceless diamond of Belarusian Architecture - The Church of St. Michael the Archangel. The church is featured in prestigious catalogs of World Heritage. The fate of the Church was very sad and today its difficult to know full details of its fundation and creators. The Church is a shining exaple of synthesis and formation, original architecture style - Belarusian Gothic.

Duration: from 9 am till 6 pm

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