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Tour: Jewish Minsk & WWII (3-4 h, transport+walk)

This walking tour tells the history of the occupied Minsk and ghetto - one of the largest in Europe since World War II.
Minsk_Ghetto_1.jpgMinsk ghetto Jews got from Belarus, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and other European countries.
The Minsk ghetto was the second largest in Europe with number of prisoners. There were three ghettos in Minsk: big ghetto, small ghetto and zonderghetto. Geographically it covers Ostrovsky street, Opanskogo str., Zaslavska str., Jubilee Square and other nearby streets. Non-Jewish population of the area were evicted. The territory of the ghetto was fenced high network of barbed wire and guarded. These Nazis rounded up about 100 thousand people of Jewish nationality.To this day in Minsk preserved buildingMinsk_Ghetto.jpgs and monuments that have witnessed the bloody atrocities of invaders.This is the building of administrative center of the ghetto (Judenrat), the building of Arbeitsamtheadquarters organizational center of resistance; underground printing; underground shelter last ghetto (of which only 13 people survived ), tombstones in a Jewish cemetery, memorial plaques, and finally, the memorial "Pit" - the place where Jews were massively shot.
During the tour you will get knew with this people,this fates and events.

Additional part of the tour:
The Belarusian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War visit (+ 1,5 h)


Please see the description of World War II Tour in Minsk and Khatyn HERE.



Minsk Jewish tour & WWII, prices:

  1-2 people 3-7 people
Jewish tour & WWII, 3h 120 euro 140 euro
Jewish tour & WWII + museum 4,5h 140 euro 165 euro

* Entrance tickets are not included

** Door to door transport and hotel pick up are included


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