Minsk tours - Minsk & Dudutki

Minsk City Tour and Belarusian craft  tour in Dudutki (6 h, transport + walk)

This tour is consisDudutki_tourist_miller.jpgt of two parts. The main topic of this tour is Belarusian history, culture and craft.

1 part (2,5-3 h, car + walking): Minsk City Tour.

During the city tour you will know the history of Belarus from beginning to the present day.

Freedom Square - the historical center of Minsk. Here you see the town hall, governor's house, old churches, cathedrals and monasteries. Trinity suburb - a "mirror" of the 19th century Minsk. You will learn the history of the Lower and Upper Town, especially the establishment of the Palace of the Republic.


2 part (2-2,5h, walking): a trip to Dudutki.

Dudutki_1.jpgMuseum and tourist complex in the village Dudutki (40 km from Minsk) - a unique place. Its even hard to call a museum - so alive all the "objects" presented here.
In the museum all guests definitely:
     * Visit the mill with refreshments
     * Pass exams in all guilds (carpenters, potters, blacksmith, weaving, straw)

     * Participant in crafts (blacksmith and carpentry shops)
     * Visit the bakery with treats (bread, butter, cheese) and visit the Brovar
     * Visit the domestic zoo (ostriches, wild boar, deer, horse stables, farm, chicken ho



The museum in Dudutki - gorgeous renovation of the traditional life of the Belarusian village, you can literally feel with your own hands. In an old bakery you will bake your own loaf of bread, you will try youself as a master potter and after you will be re-qualified in miller.  And, of course, you will taste wonderful homemade delicacies from Belarusian village - samogon (local vodka). In the tour also included tasting of samogon, cheese, bakery (for children - sweets and ice-cab).



Minsk & Dudutki tour, prices

  1-2 people 3-7 people
Minsk & Dudutki tour, 6h 190 euro 250 euro

* Entrance tickets are not included

** Door to door transport and hotel pick up are included


For additional price you can organise the best lunch or picnic on the picturesque glade and riding in a carriage! And the sauna with a swim in cold river!


Please see the description of the other Minsk city tours here.


If you have any questions dont hesitate to write us!
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