Minsk tours - World War II

World War II Tour in Minsk and Khatyn (around 6 h, transport + walk)

The tour is consist of 3 parts:

1. City during the period of WWII (by car). Hunger, life on the decrees, forced labor, concentration camps, Jewish Ghetto - the life of Minsk during WW II You will understand the cruelness of Nazi regime, suffering of local people and aim of underground movement.

2. Memorial complex - Khatyn (walking). The complex is located 54 km from Vitebsk highway. 

Khatyn.jpgMarch 22, 1943 the Nazis burned the small village of Khatyn, together with all people - 149 people were burned alive, including 75 children. This fame shared 186 villages in Belarus. Memorial "Khatyn" - the eternal memory of the victims of World War II, which killed every fourth Belarusian. The eternal flame that burns the three silver birch trees, symbolizing the loss, and bells whose mournful voice is heard every minute say to mankind - "Remember!". Remarkable for their tragic place leaves no one indifferent.

Mound_of_Glory.jpg3. Mound of Glory - a monument to the liberators of Minsk. The majestic mound, topped by four up going bayonets, to commemorate the victory in World War II. The land for the Mound was brought out from the nine cities-heroes of the USSR and the most desperate battles fields. You also will be able to climb on top of it.


Minsk World War II, prices

  1-5 people 6-10 people
World War II tour, 6h 230 euro 250 euro

* Entrance tickets are not included

** Door to door transport and hotel pick up are included


Please see the description of the other Minsk city tours here.


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