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There are several types of visas to Belarus: guest, tourist, business. The easiest way to obtain a visa - an visa.jpgappeal to the travel agency. There are also other ways to receive visa. For visit visa you need an invitation from the Belarusian citizen, resident on its territory, certified by the local department of passport and visa service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Business visa is also based on an invitation from travel agency in Belarus. The cost of Belarusian entry visa is different  for citizens of different countries and is defined in the currency of the country where the visa is issued. Belarusian entry visa can be obtained from the consular offices of Belarus, whуre you need to have one felt out form and a valid passport. Normal visa is issued for 14 days, express visa (the cost is higher) can be obtained much faster.
In addition to foreign consulates in Belarus, a foreign citizen can obtain a visa immediately after arrival in the country, at only one point - the international airport "Minsk - 2" (MSQ). Consular office is working 24/7. In MSQ you need the same documents: an invitation, passport, 2 photos.



  1-10 pax. 11 pax and more
Invitation 30 euro/person 20 euro/person
Delivery to airport/ post 30 euro 30 euro


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