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Historical tour to Zaslavl from Minsk, 5h (car + walk)


Zaslavl is one of the oldest cities in Belarus, it has more than 1,000 years. Eight ancient chronicles tell about itszaslavl.jpg appearance. With Zaslavl linked the names of many prominent people of Belarus (and more!): the princess of Polotsk Rogneda, Grand Prince of Kiev Vladimir Svyatoslavich, prince of Polotsk Izyaslav etc.

During the tour you will visit:

• Transfiguration Church  XVI c.
•  Virgin Mary Church  XVIІ cІ.
• Old settlement with castle foundaments . Its the place where the city was foundated.
• citadel XVI century


You also will know ancient belarusian history and traditions. To help you to look in the historical past  you will visit the museum (Historical and Cultural Museum) with its original exhibits. Here  you can feel the spirit of old times. You will also visit the ethnographic complex "Mlyn". There is a forge, a mill house and other traditional buildings.


Historical tour to Zaslavl from Minsk, prices

  1-2 people 3-7 people
Historical tour to Zaslavl from Minsk, 5h (car + walk) 170 euro 200 euro

* Entrance tickets are not included

** Door to door transport and hotel pick up are included


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