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Belovezhskaya Forest Tour with a private guide (transport + walk), 2 h

Departure from Brest or Minsk

Beloveza Forest with a private guide tour, Białowieża visit tour with a private guide Belarus

National Park "Belovezhskaya Forest" - one of the oldest reserves in the world. This is a true wonder of the world, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Number of species of plants and animals in National Park is unrivaled in Europe. The average age of the forest - more than 100 years. This forest is home to the world's largest population of European bison.

During a visit to the park you will learn about the unique character of this anciebialowieza.jpgnt forest,you will see Oak- Patriarch and Great Pine tree, you also will walk along the "royal way". Plants, fruits, wild animals and birds in their natural environment - all this you can observe all the year.  Museum of Nature in the Belovezhskaya Forest is one of the most visited places in the Brest region.

In Forest you can visit:

- Museum of Nature, there is a rich collection of different examples of flora and fauna of Belarus. In the museum there are three major exhibitions: ungulates animals and predators is the first, birds (250 species) is second, fish, rodents and  herbs - is the third exhibition. For making better impression in the museum you will hear the sounds of nature - birds chirping, grunting and roaring forest animals.

- Aviaries with animals. Aviaries with the animals mikolaj.jpgoccupy about 20 acres. Here you can see the lynx, fox, deer, bison, elk, wolves, wild boar, as well as the raccoon dog.

- Belarussian Santa Claus Residence. The residence of local Santa Clause is consisting of numerous buildings and surprises ... it is located deep in the Białowieza Forest, on the edge, where you can meet the wild bison walking  in free environment. The biggest attraction in the winter is150m spruce which is always decorated for theChristmas holidays.


Belovezhskaya Forest Tour, price

  1-2 people 3-7 people
Belovezhskaya Forest Tour (car + walk), 2h departure from Brest 150 euro 200 euro
Belovezhskaya Forest Tour (car + walk), 2h departure from Minsk 450 euro 550 euro

* Entrance tickets are not included

** Door to door transport and hotel pick up are included


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