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Brest Fortress Tour (transport + walk) 2 h

Brest Fortress - one of the most significant places in Belarus. Defense of the Brest Fortress is an example of courage and fortitude of the Soviet people in the struggle for freedom and independence of the country, a vivid manifestation of the unbreakable unity of the peoples of the USSR.


During the tour you will discover the history of  terrible days of the beginning of the war, when on June 22,brest_fortress.jpg 1941 the garrison first took the blows of the Nazis, and more than a month kept the defense in its surroundings.
Already at the entrance you will hear the shrill voice of Yuri Levitan with a government report on the attack on the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany and  a Song "Holy war." The sculpture "Thirst" will leave no one  indifferent - expressive figure of a soldier crawling to water with helmet in his hand. Shortage of water was one of the most important problem of Brest Fortress in June 1941. Smoke, burnt gunpowder filled the horizon. Blackened faces men, parched with thirst lips showed tremendous human suffering. Approaches to water was fired and at night beach  was controled by Nazi. Many officers and men died trying to get the precious drops. About the courage of men you cmay read on the castle walls: "There were five of us: Sedov, Grutov, Bogolyubov, Mikhailov, Selivanov. We took the first fight June 22, 1941. We'll die, but do not get out of here ...", "June 26, 1941 were three of us, it was difficult, but we did not lose heart and die as heroes. " Brest Fortress is one of those places that should be visited in Belarus, and the largest tourist attraction in the city of Brest.


Brest Fortress, prices

  1-2 people 3-7 people
Brest Fortress (car + walk) 2h 120 euro 160 euro

* Entrance tickets are not included

** Door to door transport and hotel pick up are included


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